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Online series

We are excited to offer virtual presentations, keeping us all safe with only our artists' enthusiasm being contagious. We are confident that their talent and deep connection with music will communicate beyond the social distance and let the music speak directly to the heart. We invite you to join our online series and to explore together with our teaching artists, what classical music is all about. 


Narrator Thomas Quasthoff's voice has a musicality perfectly suited to this rich alphabet book with its own symphonic score. This is a poetic tribute to the orchestra—from the titular oboe, offering its musical “A” at each symphony’s beginning, to musical notation, the conductor, the instruments, and the audience. In concert with the authors' passages, Quasthoff's German-accented baritone moves through alliterative phrases, describing singing piccolos, mournful English horns, and trilling woodwinds. Each letter has its own music accompanying Quasthoff’s narration and as a stand-alone piece of representative music. There is simply no better way to experience this book than to hear it. An educational and emotive homage to the orchestra. 


From the basketball courts of rural Israel to the grand symphony halls of the world playing one of the most famous string instruments of all time. The story of cellist Amit Peled and his journey with the cello and legacy of the great Pablo Casals.

"A beautifully illustrated story about how Pablo Casals' cello gets to 'sing again' in the hands of one of his biggest fans. Perfect for aspiring young string players."

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