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Workshops that embody the essence of artistry at partnering schools and online. A fun & productive way to enrich your knowledge and find out more about music's history, compositional building blocks and emotive relevance. Meet amazing, international performers you can relate to, who love to share their talent with you. Learn about how they communicate through their instruments, hear about their favorite scores and understand how music can invigorate us, build mutual respect, and heal.

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GC In School Workshop Experience

Teaching Artists (or chamber music ensembles) will perform a 45 minute-long interactive program for students at the chosen school. Prior to the performance, Ilona Oltuski, the founder and artistic director of the initiative will work directly with school officials and teachers to choose the artist that will best suit the music strategy of the school. The lesson plan will be tailor-made by the teaching artist, edited by the GetClassical Team, and submitted to the hosting school for review.

During the performance,  the teaching artists will connect with the students, provide the necessary background on the history of music-making, building blocks of composition, engage with the students in conversations about the relevance of Classical Music in the XXI century, and showcase their repertoire.

At the end of each performance,  the artists will leave the time for a personal Questions and Answers exchange. Throughout the workshop, the artists will cultivate the curiosity of the students towards classical music, as well as raise awareness about the value of music's highly communicative qualities, and aim to share their personal story,  challenges and benefits that go with the choice of becoming a performing artist.

With more than 50 teaching artists on our roster, we would like to extend the invitation to partner with us to initiate curiosity and promote the universality of self-expression through music. We are happy to connect interested students with local teaching artists and music schools, to learn more about possibilities to include music more permanently into their lives. Students may also reach artists in the aftermath, to ask questions they reflected on. We welcome any feedback from the school and the kids that can help us fulfill specific wishes. 

Each visit is unique: Our teaching artists connect with students at our Partner School Stuyvesant High school

Photo top: Violinist Magdalena Filipczak and pianist Jessica Osborn


"Get Classical In School” is such a wonderful program! The initiative's founder and artistic director, Ilona Oltuski, introduced hundreds of our students to incredible, professional musicians who performed for our students and held discussions over a variety of musical topics. Every artist brought a unique set of skills, professional experience, and a wide range of musical repertoire. Our students were fascinated by these interactions and were greatly inspired by these great and talented artists. Each performer was very creative in tailoring their discussions and lessons around the individual needs of each classroom, and was able to adjust to the students’ interests and musical knowledge.

Mrs. Oltuski is very easy to work with - she is professional, collaborative, and truly wishes to bring the world of music into the lives of the children. She closely worked with us to ensure that the interactions occurred during convenient times for the school, and worked around the unique schedules of our music teachers. Stuyvesant High School’s Music Department is proud to collaborate with “Get Classical In School” and hopes that the program will continue its residency with us for a long time ahead. Thank you for all you do!"


Liliya Shamazov,

Choral Director and Music Department Coordinator

Stuyvesant High School, NYC

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