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Sheet Music

Vassily Primakov


"I believe we are fortunate to have a person like Ilona Oltuski in the world of classical music. Constantly looking for new talents, Ilona , spearheading the organisation GetClassical helps them find their spotlight, making sure people learn about their unique artistic personas and performing styles. She is a force of nature - constantly reinventing herself and looking for new ways and missions that bring classical music into our lives. "GetClassical In School" is just the perfect example of such an initiative that recognizes the importance of bringing the vast history and culture of classical music to the next generation. To enhance kid's interest and knowledge, while getting to know how beautiful and profound the experience is, she brings charismatic artists into the classroom. In intimate encounters, artists inspire passion for classical music, today largely absent from the educational curriculum. So I am incredibly supportive of this mission, as well as pretty much any task in the field Ilona decides to tackle, as she is truly one of our most valuable champions in the arts. I am always happy to be part of her mission and her ventures, which combine a unique style of passion and excellence. "

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