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Sheet Music

Asiya Korepanova

Pianist, Composer

"I love to come to schools, and perform the same repertoire I present in concert halls on tour, to children. Kids react amazingly to the complex and colorful worlds of the music I play. I believe that in order to fall in love with classical music there should be an initial impact, something they do not expect. That is why I never prepare easy or popular pieces for my school visits. I want them to remember the feeling of the astonishment and realization they have never heard anything like this before.
I am thrilled to partake in Ilona’s new initiative GetClassical In School here in New York, to reach out to the next generation and share my enthusiasm for classical music to wake these kids’ curiosity about classical music. Music is a journey, and an exciting one. These days, pop music, movies and computer games became so elaborate that in order to compete for attention artists should offer unforgettable experiences, something that would be memorable for its power, diversity and energy it brings."

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